A higher education institution has always been more than a place of training. The time spent within its walls is suitable for building communities and developing identity. Memories are fresh right after finishing the university; however, as time passes, the idea occurs to everybody how their former mates, friends are doing, how would it be possible to get in touch with them again.

Owing to the changes that take place in society and increasing demands, University of Pannonia has realized that it must take a different stand on its relation with its former students. To this end, in 2014, it set up the SCOPI Alumni. Ever since the prime aim of the Alumni has been to strengthen the relation and establish bilateral communication between former students, the university and professionals as well.


Supply chain optimization in oil industry is an evolving discipline. To keep on track in this profession, people need to continuously share their experiences, show new and different methodologies for the same processes. A tool as common language of professionals gives the space for improvement. The art and science of managing a value chain has gone through a transformation in response to changes in the way companies operate as well as a more complex and interdependent business environment.

The profession continues to grow beyond its physical distribution roots, so executives require both broader expertise and deeper technical & analytical excellence. Alumni intends to bring expertise and good relationships together and to maintain sustainable development.



Without membership legal relation and paying any membership fee, all those who have ever obtained the title “Specialist of supply chain optimization in oil industry”, are welcomed in the team. Applications for membership in the Alumni can be submitted by filling in an application form and forwarding it to our office. In order to preserve relations we operate a database, so we can continuously inform inquirers about professional and entertainment events, and possibly about the contact details of their former mates.

Once a year we organize a conference for Alumni, where information will be shared about current activities/problems/solutions of this profession, events that concern Alumni.

If our purposes or services have attracted your attention, we ask you to contact our office. We appreciate your ideas, suggestions about developing further programs.


SCOPI Alumni
H-8000 Veszprém, Hungary